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Highly qualified professionals utilizing a team-based, partner-led approach—it’s how we deliver our services. And with your needs in mind, we bring industry knowledge backed by experience and proprietary research to the task.

Knowing more about you—your industry, your organization, your clients and your marketplace—only enhances our ability to serve you. We want to exceed your expectations, and to do that, we have to know you.


Financial services
Challenges related to regulatory reform, technology, corporate governance, globalization and increased competition... More

With extensive experience in the manufacturing and distribution industry, Grant Thornton practitioners can turn challenges into opportunities... More

To make it in today's mining industry, you have to be on top of your game... More

Professional services
Despite strong growth, profitability and optimism, the professional services industry is facing new pressures... More

Real estate, construction and hospitality
Canada’s constantly-changing real estate landscape offers an abundance of untapped investment and business potential... More


Privately held business
You know that effectively balancing business and family issues is critical to achieving success... More

Public companies
Public companies are faced with fast-paced and complex regulatory, business and global challenges... More