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Assisting financial services organizations from niche to large, coast to coast. 

Challenges related to regulatory reform, technology, corporate governance, globalization and increased competition define the complex environment in which financial services firms operate. Many financial services organizations, however, are experiencing an unprecedented level of reinvention and expansion outside their traditional operational boundaries.

Timely, accurate advice and guidance

Financial services organizations process millions of transactions a day, making a strong control framework extremely important in this highly regulated industry. Business decisions in this environment must be strategic, proactive and timely, and that’s exactly the kind of service you can expect from us.

Technical knowledge and industry expertise: the range of services you need

From audit to tax to advisory, we continue to build a range of services to meet the ever growing challenges facing your industry. Our integrated team of professionals has in-depth knowledge of and experience in the financial services industry. Some examples include

  • preparing your organization for IFRS conversion;
  • assisting you with corporate reorganizations and tax strategies;
  • performing anti-money laundering, identity theft and fraud investigations;
  • advising you on regulatory compliance;
  • facilitating post-merger integration; and
  • maximizing your returns on troubled loan situations.

Review our services and contact a Grant Thornton financial services professional to talk about our tailored solutions.

Audit and review:

Complex accounting matters
International financial reporting standards


Domestic tax
Succession and estate planning
Sales tax
US corporate tax
Expatriate tax
Transfer pricing
International tax


Litigation advisory services
Forensic investigations and security consulting
Information technology
Recovery and reorganization
Corporate finance
Governance, risk and compliance
Operational improvement
Strategic advisory
Specialized assurance services