“What has worked for manufacturers in the past is simply not enough in the face of increased global competition. Developing bold strategies that clearly align customer needs, innovation and productivity, combined with a vision to expand to new markets, will be the differentiator for long-term profitable success.”
Jim Menzies, Grant Thornton


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Acknowledge your challenges.

A weakening economy, fluctuating costs, global competition, tighter banking restrictions, declining customer base: your current business environment is exceptionally challenging. Within this adversity, however, lies opportunity.

You need to distil the challenges of this evolving global landscape into a clear, distinct advantage. That's where we come in. With extensive experience in the manufacturing industry, our practitioners can help you see opportunities more clearly, and provide the timely and practical manufacturing services and solutions you need.
2017 Grant Thornton Executive Forum

2017 Grant Thornton Executive Forum

With Canada continuing to produce some of the world’s most exciting food and beverage concepts and companies, we felt the industry would benefit from a group discussion on how businesses are approaching and achieving growth by entering new markets.

2017 leadership award winner spread

Winners of the 2017 Leadership Awards

In April Food in Canada and Grant Thornton announced the winners of the 2017 Leadership Awards. Here are the presentations for four of the award winners.
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Service & Supply 2017 Outlook Report

Read the results of  a survey  with over 350 service and supply  executives. Produced in partnership with JWN Energy, the report  highlights key  findings and recommendations for aligning with the new normal.
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Exporting: Reasons to be optimistic

Article by Jim Menzies in the April issue of PLANT Magazine looks at  the opportunities manufacturers have to export, despite current uncertainties.
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2017 Leadership Awards

Read profiles of the winners of the 2017 Food in Canada  Leadership Awards, proudly  sponsored by  Grant Thornton.
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Manufacturers' Outlook 2017

Read the results of the industry survey - conducted by PLANT Magazine and sponsored by Grant Thornton - which provides insights into business optimism for 2017, exporting, strategy, innovation, cyber-security, productivity and so much more…
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Build a sustainable plan for manufacturing growth in 2017 (and beyond)

Grant Thornton and Syspro present this on-demand webinar with guest presenters Jim Menzies and Shane Troyer. Read more to discover the top performance areas manufacturers need to plan for.
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Exporting your way to successful growth

This article by Mitchell Osak appears in the November/December 2016 issue of Food in Canada magazine and provides food and beverage processors with insights on exporting as a strategic way to maintain growth.
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Export Insights 2016

Export Insights 2016, with supporting sponsorship by Grant Thornton LLP, is an industry survey by CanadianManufacturing.com which highlights the top strategies for growing your business abroad. Read about  the survey results with insights from Roundtable Participants including Mitchell Osak, Managing Director, Strategic Advisory Services, Grant Thornton
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There’s a lot more than food on the table

An article by Martha Oner and Jim Menzies. Food in Canada Magazine, October 2016.
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2016 Grant Thornton Executive Roundtable

We are pleased to present the highlights from the annual executive roundtable hosted by Food in Canada in partnership with Grant Thornton LLP. This year participants from various sectors of the food and beverage industry discuss growth opportunities for Canadian processors. September 2016 issue
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Welcome to the future: Getting the most out of Budget 2016

An article by Martha Oner and Glen Gilbert. PLANT July/August 2016 issue
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Suffering from low energy? Get ahead during the downturn

Manufacturers serving the energy sector are taking a hit but their prospects needn’t be grim. By Manuel Cacares, PLANT West July 2016
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2016 Leadership Awards

Read profiles of the winners of the 2016 Food in Canada leadership Awards, sponsored by Grant Thornton
Tyranny of the immediate

Tyranny of the immediate

How to avoid it and expand globally, By Mitchell Osak, PLANT Magazine April 2016
Service and supply 2016 outlook report

Service & supply outlook report

Adapting to a lower-for-longer commodity market. A joint report by JWN and Grant Thornton LLP.
Catching the US wave

Riding the US wave

An article written by Jim Menzies, National Manufacturing Industry Leader, for Food in Canada Magazine, Jan/Feb 2016

Riding the US market rebound

Canadian manufacturing exporters can benefit from improved US economy.