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Private Equity Groups (“PEGs”) and their portfolio companies must act swiftly to execute deals in today’s competitive global market. Making quick and effective decisions requires high-quality service from partner-level advisors throughout the life cycle of the fund and its portfolio investments.


Your needs first

Grant Thornton understands the unique needs and strategies of private equity groups and their professionals. We deliver value through our corporate finance, M&A, valuations, productivity improvement, transaction advisory, technology assessment, assurance and internal control assessments, tax, and other advisory services to the PEG and its portfolio companies. Our full suite of services is designed to add value at every critical point in your fund lifecycle, thereby driving growth for your investors.

Central point of contact

Because PEGs require immediate access to experienced advisors, we position a client service partner as the central point of contact to coordinate all services to the firm.

Quick response

Grant Thornton professionals are committed to providing a quick response to all needs of our PEG clients and future clients alike. A quick response is needed for a PEG to seize opportunities and balance their time and resources.

High level of service

We regard portfolio companies as an integral part of the overall relationship with our PEG clients. As a result, regardless of the geography involved, we offer both the PEG and each portfolio company it invests in, a high level of professional service and advice. With mid-market businesses forming the bulk of our client base – and the vast majority of those businesses being privately held – we have a unique understanding of a PEG’s needs and challenges.

Quality M&A deal flow

We have access to high quality private company deal flow driven by owners wanting to divest, or who are in need of capital to grow. Significant internal due diligence goes into every mandate we accept, ensuring we consistently deliver a quality product to the market. Our reputation is of utmost importance to us.

Global market presence

Grant Thornton International Ltd. and member firms are in over 125 countries, just about anywhere you want to go. Whether it’s Hong Kong, London, New York or Toronto, the professionals at Grant Thornton International Ltd. member firms deliver the consistent, high-quality services and personalized attention that our PEG clients deserve.