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Balancing risk and opportunity

As evolving regulations continue to alter the corporate governance landscape, companies are expecting more from their advisors.

Today’s organizations require access to advisory and assurance services that will help ensure the accuracy and integrity of their business operations, and the effectiveness and reliability of their governance and compliance procedures—while assisting them to find the appropriate balance between risk and opportunity. At Grant Thornton LLP, our full suite of services help you strike that balance.

Our clients choose us because:
• As a member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd., we can leverage other firms worldwide, and can help you fully comply with evolving global requirements.
• We focus on helping organizations to implement the right risk management and corporate governance framework, and establish appropriate practices to formalize the approach to managing risk.

Supporting our clients
Our business risk services help organizations manage their risk and prepare for uncertainties. Our services include:

Internal audit
We work with organizations to assess their corporate risk levels, identify areas of greatest risk, and develop appropriate work plans to identify potential control issues and mitigate risks to acceptable levels. Our internal audit service ranges from full outsourcing, to co-sourcing with client audit functions, to audit transformation, process mapping and quality assurance reviews.

Certification support services (Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)/52-109)
Our experienced professionals specialize in risk and control planning and delivery services related to internal controls over financial reporting (ICFR), and facilitate more efficient and effective interaction among your audit committees, management teams and existing internal and external audit groups.

Enterprise risk management (ERM)
Our ERM specialists offer an innovative approach to assisting our clients in identifying and managing risk. We take your individual challenges into consideration and create tailored strategies that work across a variety of areas—including finance, operations, regulatory and information technology—enabling you to strategically identify, analyze and monitor potential risk to your organization.

Specialty assurance
We work alongside our clients to understand the specific type of assurance their stakeholders require. We then develop and execute plans to assist them by providing SOC 1, 2 or 3/CSAE 3416, and 5025 control reports for controls at a service organization.

Our cybersecurity solutions are designed for organizations seeking to address a variety of complex security requirements. We can help assess your security vulnerabilities, establish or improve your IT security processes and remediate breaches or compliance failures.

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