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Transforming data into insight and opportunity


Business intelligence (BI) focuses on information. While data access is critical to BI, data management, integration across systems and functions, and alignment with business strategy are also key elements, enabling timely business decisions that respond to market conditions and improve operations. Data becomes a competitive asset when it can be transformed into usable information that results in intelligent decision-making.

Our operational advisory and forensics teams bring deep technical and functional knowledge combined with dynamic industry insights to every engagement. They help dynamic companies better understand their data and leverage it more efficiently and effectively to achieve growth objectives and plan for the future. We assist companies with the following services:

  • Foundation analytics: Quickly gain actionable insight into business issues with scenario modeling, access to data on mobile devices and visualization solutions.
  • Pre-built analytics: Gain rapid insight into business operations and performance with packaged data models and analytic solutions that are integrated with your transactional ERP systems and tailored to meet your information requirements.
  • Governance and integration: Manage data across your enterprise with consistency and accuracy.
  • Information discovery: Explore unstructured data (big data) and structured analytic platforms from multiple sources and disparate systems across the enterprise. Apply predictive and prescriptive analytics to organize and visualize data and to discover patterns and insights for future initiatives.