Complex accounting matters | Grant Thornton services


New, more complex accounting standards. 

Increasingly complex business transactions.

Advice to steer you through.


Businesses are increasing in complexity, and so are accounting principles. Fast-paced change combined with increasingly complex accounting standards make it more and more difficult for businesses to feel confident that they are in compliance.

Our experienced and knowledgeable practitioners can help you work through the ever-evolving standards and reduce the risk of accounting errors by

  • conducting an analysis of your issues or reviewing your preliminary analysis,
  • identifying relevant issues and facts,
  • assisting you in evaluating the appropriate accounting treatment in the context of your industry and specific circumstances,
  • providing commentary on your analysis and conclusions, and
  • assessing the quality of your company's proposed disclosures.

Research, knowledge and understanding

When complex situations or transactions are involved, it’s critical to know the standards and how they apply. From understanding the finest points to analyzing major shifts in practice, our practitioners have you covered.

We stay abreast of developments in complex accounting matters and advise you on how they affect the way you’re reporting transactions.

… and we remain objective

Third-party, post-transaction review of accounting policy and practice is commonplace: a change in management, a merger or acquisition, an audit committee review—all are situations that may require you to explain your practices and explore alternatives.

Talk to us when you need an objective assessment of your complex accounting matters.