Litigation advisory | Grant Thornton services

We provide targeted solutions 

to difficult problems.

You know how unpleasant assessing the impact of litigation or dealing with the suspicion of wrongdoing can be.

Our highly trained and experienced litigation, forensic and valuation professionals provide you with impartial, objective and clearly communicated reporting suitable for presentation in court, if necessary. We understand that the role of the expert is to assist you and the court in resolving issues—as opposed to being hired guns. We have been acting as experts in accounting, valuation and related matters for many years and are committed to adding value—not just cost—to your claim. 

Our discreet, three-phased, hands-on approach helps you assess the costs and benefits of pursuing an investigation or financial litigation:

  1. We begin with thoroughly understanding the issue and gathering comprehensive information.
  2. Then we perform a detailed analysis.
  3. And finally, we complete the engagement by furnishing a report and an expert that will both stand up in court.

Throughout this process, we remain in close contact with you and legal counsel to ensure that there are no surprises. 

Our litigation advisory service offerings include the following: